Writing Advice

Some (maybe) Helpful Writing Block Tips


At times I can suffer from some massive writer’s block. It strikes without warning and sometimes in the worst possible moments. It’s frustratingly just part of being a writer. However, there are a few things that can help push past writer’s block. I have a whole list of practices I engage in. I plan on sharing those in another post. Today I just wanted to post this little helpful list that I found awhile ago, and really does help get shit done. If you’re struggling to finish that book and it’s become a sort of Herculean task I highly recommend following at least the first three bullet points Chuck Wendig suggests.

*Write five days a week

*Write 350 words a day

*Write 260 days per year

It has helped me, especially the 350 words per day. It helps me keep trudging even when it seems like I have nowhere to go. I tell myself, “Hey, if I can write 350 words per day eventually those words are going to add up and I’m going to have a finished novel in from me.”


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