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New Agent to Query

If you’re a querying writer you know how stressful the process can be. And let’s face it, landing that dream agent, although not impossible, is a long-shot. A very very big long-shot. That same agent probably receives hundreds of queries a month. A good number of them probably by completely capable writers with at least semi interesting stories. Something has to speak to them at just the right time, and chances are not in a writer’s favor.

That’s not to say you should quit querying. Never give up on that dream. And keep querying those big dream agents. But one way to give yourself a better chance at possibly landing an agent is to query the newer agents. The ones just starting out and hungry for authors to rep.

One new agent is Mike Hoogland of Dystel and Goderich. He’s seeking a few things, but on that list is SCI-FI, FANTASY, and YA – all my favorite genres.

If you have a book that you’re looking to query, or that you’ve been querying that has so far had little success, or if you’re thinking about querying in the near future – he might be someone worth submitting to.

You can find the entire article about more of his wants and don’t wants and general info here – Writer’s Digest New Agent Alert


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