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I love this Maya Angelou quote. I’ve always loved it. It’s become one of my life’s philosophies. Creativity is so integral to the human soul, especially souls that eat, breathe and exist in some aspect of artistry. I put imagination and creativity into how I dress, how I cook, how I approach the world. It genuinely helps with my writing. The more I allow myself to express my individual creativity the freer I feel. The easier it is for me to escape into my head where all my stories live- and simply write.

I feel like in society sometimes it can be hard to be truly as expressive as we desire to be. We can be looked at as weird or different, but as we grow up we learn that not fitting into the norm is actually a good thing. That words like weird or different – are a compliment. That in reality, no one truly fits into the “norm”. There is no normal. We are our own normal. So let your creativity flow.


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