writing help

Write the Right Color!

If you’re like me, sometimes you struggle to find the word for just the right color. It’s not a red desk, it’s not a purple one – it’s something else. And what REALLY frustrated me is that I can spend way more time than necessary trying to figure out what to call the color. Time that could be used finishing my paragraph – moving on to the next chapter. But I can’t move on because I’m still trying to figure out that darn color. I do this with a lot of things, not just colors. Adjectives are a problem, in general – which ones to use, how many to use, if they’re needed at all. BUT – here is a pretty extensive list of colors to hopefully help you if you’re ever like me and don’t want to spend an hour wondering if you should refer to your mc’s walls as canary or dandelion –

Good luck and happy writing!



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