Character Storyboards

One thing I love doing before writing a story is creating storyboards for my characters. It allows me to get a real feel for them, like they’re coming alive (and not just in my head).

If you’re struggling AT ALL with developing your characters – I wholeheartedly recommend doing this. Even if you don’t create storyboards, collect images that represent your characters (their looks, their traits), save them, study over them when you’re stuck or just need a bit of inspiration. You may even end up coming with a completely separate character for a completely separate story!

Here are some examples of storyboards I did of Genderswap versions of Sam, Dean and Cas from Supernatural –

Sam Winchester-


Dean Winchester-


Castiel (Cas) –


These images represent (my idea) of what makes up the core of the 3 characters. If I were writing the characters – and sometimes I REALLY wish I were – I could and would use these to just glance at from time to time. Put me back into that character’s mindset.

If you want to create your own storyboards, or just collect some images to help you out – here are a few boards on my Pinterest page where I save all the images that bring me inspiration. Perhaps they can bring you some too :

Writing Inspiration


It’s a Fairytale

Gook luck and Good Writing!


2 thoughts on “Character Storyboards

  1. Hi paige!
    When is book 6 of the protectors saga coming? I am obsessed with this series and cannot wait to find out what happens next.
    Charlotte x


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