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What’s in a name…for a writer – A LOT

Writer’s can obsess over their character’s names – I know I do. In my book series, The Protectors Saga, there’s about six “main” characters. I must have spent a good few weeks researching names, playing around with the sound of them being read aloud, then going back and changing the names multiple times before I decided on the final – absolutely final names for my characters. It was exhausting. It was exhilarating.

Names mean a lot to writers (even if the actual meaning of their name never comes into play). Below are a few lists I found to *hopefully* help give you some ideas for character names – or even give you a direction to go in.

Good luck and good writing!

BTW – in case you’re interested, those names I spent weeks of my life coming up with ended up being – Avery Kimball, Jade Kai, Sasha Seraphina, Skylar Bavol, Bunny Claiborne and Draven Night.




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