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Protectors Saga Book 6 First Page!

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For any fans of The Protectors Saga, I know the 6th book has been a VERRRRRRRY long time coming. I had a goal of putting out one or two books a year, but the real world came along and kicked my butt. Deaths in the family, job changes and illness sidetracked my writing. But time has passed, my heads beginning to clear, I got a new job that isn’t sucking time away from me like a hungry tick. AND it is my intention (I say intention, but really it’s my hope) to get the 6th book – tentatively titled ‘Midnight Crown’ – out sometime this summer.

And to any fans that have waited and want something new, here is the first page of the upcoming book…

Chapter 1

Avery’s fist landed on the troll’s massive head with enough force to knock one of his rotting sharp teeth loose and send it flying across the small clearing and into the thick wall of forest trees.

“Where is it?!” She shouted at him. Raising her fist, dripping with thick blue troll blood, up as a warning of the punch that would follow if he failed once again to answer her question, “Where’s the blade?!”

The troll smiled, showing what was left of his mangled teeth, “You ain’t never gonna find it…” he pulled at the rope tying his wrists together around a sturdy tree trunk, “until it’s plunged deep in your ugly human heart!”

Taking a sickly sounding snort, he spat out a great glob of mucous filled blue blood towards Avery.

She dodged quickly, anticipating such a reaction, but the sound of the wet glob hitting something solid, followed by Skylar’s outcry of, ‘Ewwww, gross!’, let Avery know that the troll’s insult had unfortunately not been wasted.

Jade backhanded the troll across the face before he had the chance to spit anything else out at Avery.

“Answer her!” Jade yelled, backhanding him once again.


3 thoughts on “Protectors Saga Book 6 First Page!

  1. Oh PRAISE THE LORD! I can’t tell you how many times I have read these books, and when Avery passes out in the middle of Hayven after spending Draven’s last night on Orcatia with him, my mind goes CRAZY!! I am just dying to know what happens :O
    Thank you for continuing to trudge forward to bring your fans the rest of the story. I am rooting for you! I do some beta reading for a friend of mine (Dawn Kirby) and would love to help out if you need any additional eyes 🙂
    Best wishes,


    1. Awww, thank you so so much! I LOVE hearing feedback! It keeps me motivated. You and the other readers out there are the reason I keep writing…even when life gets in the way. I’m trudging along, trying to get the next book out before the end of summer. Thanks so much for the beta reading offer. I will definitely reach out if I need some more eyes. Thanks again!


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