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Writing Help – 7 Places to Submit Your Flash Fiction Stories

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Flash fiction is basically a short story under 1,000 words. They can be incredibly frustrating to write (after all, I find it hard to keep a story description under 1000 words), but they can also be really fulfilling. They’re a great writing practice tool and a great way to keep your writing skills fresh if you’re between writing books or just hit a writer’s block in your story. Plus, it’s also a pretty great way to get your name out there – get your work seen – have something to put on future query letters!

If you write flash fiction or are thinking about writing flash fiction here are some literary magazines/journals looking for YOUR material to publish on their site –

  1. FLASH FICTION ONLINE – They pay $60 per story (0r $.02 per word for reprints). They publish stories from 500 to 1000 words in length. And they like stories with a speculative slant (sci-fi, fantasy, etc.)
  2. BREVITY – They pay a $45 honorarium for featured stories. They want pieces (750) words or less. They do charge a small submission fee.
  3. LUNCH TICKET – Looking for Flash Fiction under 750 words. They also accept regular short stories up to 5,000 words. Not sure if there’s any monetary compensation or not.
  4. EVERYDAY FICTION – They pay $3 per story (not a lot, but hey, at least you’re getting paid for your work!). They want stories under 1000 words.
  5. NANOISM – They call themselves a twitterzine, which means stories that are NO MORE than 140 words. Super challenging, but also kind of a genius idea. They pay $1.50 per story or $5 for serials (again not a lot – but YOU’RE GETTING PAID – as writers we know how elusive getting money for our work can be!)
  6. VESTAL REVIEW – They pay an honorarium of $25. They are looking for stories under 500 words. There is a small submission fee of $2.
  7. DAILY SCIENCE FICTION – I’m partial to this little online magazine because I had one of my own pieces published by them. They want stories under 1500 words (the shorter the better). They pay $.08 per word. And they enjoy stories with a science fiction premise (although they’re not exclusive to that).

Good Luck and Good Writing!


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